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About Us

Midland housing ltd is a privately run independent Lettings, Management and Evictions agency. We have high professional standards and pride ourselves on offering a friendly and personal service to all our clients. We are passionate about our industry which is why we value our reputation and we try our best for all our customers.

Midland Housing Ltd was set up to provide a fair and comprehensive service to all our customers. Using our expertise, we meet the needs of our clients through our personal and friendly service. We realise that you – the customer – are vital for our success, and we will always take your views into account and meet your personal requirements.

We have been established in the inner city circle of Birmingham which is only 2 miles away from the heart of the city. Midland Housing Ltd has been set up for over 7 years in which time our company and brand has gone from strength to strength. We have seen year on year growth through challenging times and our client base has grown over this time with customers returning each year due to the recommendation incentives of which are also provided.

We understand that good communication is the foundation of any good business relationship and that your view is our future, which is why we don’t just offer a service we offer a catered service. With fully qualified, bilingual, Friendly and approachable staff we sure won’t let you down.

Peace of mind for tenants

You’ve come to the right place. Here at Midland housing Ltd we can answer all your property queries and find you not just a property but a home.

Peace of mind for landlords

Only you know how much time you can spare to deal with your tenant's telephone calls and the problems that result.

Our comprehensive Property Management service has been specifically designed to give you peace of mind and relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord. With property Inspections carried out on all our Fully Managed Properties, you know that your property is being cared for and looked after, which is why we look after properties on behalf of our clients both in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Lately, more and more tenants have been seeking managed properties as it allows a more professional service, removing the troubles from both sides.

Our fully trained Management team are experienced in prompt rent collection and credit control as well as maintaining proactive relationships with tenants.

Our Full Management Service includes services such as the collection of Rent, Notification of the tenancy changes to the relevant utility companies and advice and guidance with the more complex issues that may arise. We can also be contacted 24 hours a day, so day or night, we are on call. Our team is split up into departments to allow a smooth running tenancy.

As we are landlords ourselves we have also seen the dark side to lettings which is why we offer a full evictions service with free consultations to guide you on the removal of your troubles and leave you with a peace of mind.

Our successful lettings formula

The Midland Housing Ltd formula for successful letting – this is a proven system designed to help landlords maintain and protect their property investment.


Our Quick let system gets your rental property on the market within 24 hours. Your rental property will appear on this website, on selected web portals and in local advertising features.


As a landlord you will receive support and advice from experienced Midland Housing Ltd staff who are in touch with the lettings marketplace. Midland Housing Ltd will fully check your future tenants and aim to attract the right tenant for you.


Landlords can guarantee their property is in safe hands with Midland Housing Ltd and landlords ourselves we will protect your investment.